There is no need to fear Quantum.
Here we go again. Another article claiming the dangers of quantum technology.
There was an article titled “Warning about the future of cryptocurrencies?” but we can refute this.

Here is the article:

Quantum computing has significant advantages when it comes to periodicity, but for other aspects, even with algorithms, it’s just a bit faster than classical methods.

This “bit faster” issue can be easily resolved by doubling the bit width. So, if there is a problem with SHA256, just switch to SHA512. Right? Since hashes don’t have periodicity, it’s not easy for quantum computers to find the preimage of a hash.

If periodicity is involved, such simple measures would be ineffective, making it a threat. But in that case, we would just switch to algorithms without periodicity for public and private keys and use multi-signature. It’s just a matter of changing the approach.

Thus, we refute the notion of a “warning about the future of cryptocurrencies.”