Download: SORA-QAI L1 Blockchain – Core

Just download and unzip the file. The configuration is simple, consisting only of the executable file. When you run it, a dialog will appear asking you to specify the location for storing the blockchain. By specifying the storage location, you can start using it.

Wait for the blockchain to sync. After that, you can use it just like any other wallet.

The only difference is the address generation. When you try to generate a new address, you will be asked which type of address to generate. If you don’t select anything, a bitcoin-ECDSA address will be generated. If you select SORA-QAI, a SORA-QAI address will be generated. After generation, you can use it as usual.

To enable Quantum & AI resistance, you need to deposit SORA into what is called a scriptPubKey that has this resistance. This process is automated by a check button at the bottom of the coin transfer screen. By checking this box, a transaction is generated that automatically sends the entire balance to the Quantum & AI resistance scriptPubKey. If successful, you will see that the balance has moved to the Quantum & AI resistance balance.