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Thank you for considering the CryptoCurrency SorachanCoin DriveInfo Wallet.
A wallet aimed at implementing drive verification and drive failure prediction utilizing blockchain technology.

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1, The reason why the CryptoCurrency SorachanCoin DriveInfo Wallet was needed
2, Hybrid coin specification table [PoW + PoS]
3, Inspection and prediction logic summary
4, Benchmark
5, White paper & Road map

■ 1, The reason why the CryptoCurrency SorachanCoin DriveInfo Wallet was needed

You know that the drive has a drive failure prediction detection function called "S.M.A.R.T.".
However, because of the ambiguity, it is difficult to say that the mission is fulfilled, and there are many cases in which the prediction is lost and data are lost.

Studies have shown that the cause is that the current value (or Data) may or may not move at all.
If it works well, it uses the traditional prediction method, and if it doesn't, it uses a blockchain based inspection method.
At this time, a warning giving priority to the failure signal due to the block chain is issued to aim at accuracy improvement.

■ 2, Hybrid coin specification table [PoW + PoS]

Amount-of-supply 8,000,000
Algorithm Scrypt
Reward PoW:
BlockHeight for Reward
~1,000 for 1
1,001 ~ 20,000 for 2
20,001 ~ 100,000 for 6
100,001 ~ 500,000 for 2
500,001~ for 1
3% / Year
Block time 3 minute
Confirmations Coin send:6
Port mainnet:21587
Premine 860,000
BlockExplorer click here

■ 3, Inspection and prediction logic summary

1, Operation by S.M.A.R.T.

This warning can only be expected after the drive actually fails.
※ As a result of verifying a large amount of S.M.A.R.T. (thank you for your cooperation), most were "after failure".

2, Regular sectors inspection

This method is sure. (Note: Multilayer NAND does not provide enough results)
But it takes time. In the case of a large capacity HDD, it takes 10 hours or more, so it can not be used regularly.

3, Storage failure prediction function

Now, we will develop a function combining "Operation by S.M.A.R.T." and "Regular sectors inspection".
However, because the operation was too heavy, it was a tough decision.

4, S.M.A.R.T. consensus function

We will develop a method to add missing elements to the "S.M.A.R.T.".
However, since it is necessary to search for pieces of information from a large amount of drive information, "data mining" is required. Although this function itself is satisfactory, this mining is heavy on the server, which makes it a difficult decision to operate.

5, To use blockchain technology

Therefore, we will operate the data mining of "S.M.A.R.T. Consensus Function" by blockchain miners.
※ It becomes fully automatic management that the miner performs transaction processing and data mining, and verification work is done in the coin network.

■ 4 Benchmark

Since it will be a drive-related wallet, we have developed benchmark software with its foundation.

■ 5 White paper & Road map

Released white paper. >> Click here

Road map

[OK] 1, Blockchain, Arrangement of a logic(Sorcecode) department.

[OK] 2, Start up of the Blockchain & BlockExplorer.

[OK] 3, We released "SorachanCoin-qt".

[under development] 4, Implementation of failure prediction function (introduction of block chain technology) and It is a plan of listing 2019 3Q.

5, We released "SorachanCoin DriveInfo Wallet".
※ We will continue to introduce improvements and new features (bitcoin section).