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SORA-QAI SorachanCoin Wallet

SORA L1 SorachanCoin Quantum & AI resistance transaction wallet

We have implemented a new transaction that multi-signs traditional Bitcoin - P2PKH - ECDSA transactions with SORA's uniquely developed quantum & AI-resistance transactions.

SORA L2 FromHDDtoSSD AI-NFT and HDD/SSD/NVMe drive checking and recovery

We have launched secure blockchain applications deployed on SORA L2. These include processing NFTs with AI-NFT, as well as implementing drive inspection and data recovery functions using blockchain technology.

SORA drive benchmark software with bitcoin crypto

This is a benchmark software for SSDs that utilizes cryptographic technologies adopted by SORA and Bitcoin. It is specialized for benchmarking measurements when communicating encrypted information (which always has high information entropy) on SSDs. With this, you can reliably understand the performance when deploying blockchain on SSDs.

About SORA-QAI Quantum & AI-Resistance Blockchain

We have developed our services with a focus on utilizing blockchain technology. Considering the nature of handling critical data directly over the next 30 years, we have decided that security relying solely on private keys (such as ECDSA, Ed25519) that depend on the discrete logarithm problem is insufficient. Thus, we have adopted quantum and AI resistance. Moreover, we have implemented a specification (SORA-L1 Unlimited Expansion Specification) that allows for unlimited performance enhancement simply by slightly modifying the \'version number\' and \'address rules,\' and have adopted this through inheritance. This approach provides flexibility for future expansions.

Optimized CDataStream

Believing that always using a double buffer + secure allocator would burden the blockchain, we implemented a lightweight stream. As a result, startup time has been reduced to within 20 seconds.

Bridge for ETH-Style Addresses

We have differentiated between locality and non-locality and equipped it with keys for bridging, which we connect with smart contracts.

Lightweight Implementation

We prioritize lightness, including reducing startup time.

Quantum & AI-Resistant Blockchain

We have uniquely implemented it in a form that multi-signs with traditional ECDSA.

100% Internal Clean Guarantee

There are no possibilities of bundled installations, and there is absolutely no implementation of unnecessary and unclean elements like ad tracking within. We guarantee 100% internal cleanliness.

Blockchain Compatible with AI

We provide solutions optimized for AI, such as AI-NFTs that offer data structures suitable for AI.

About SORA L1 L2
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