Welcome to the CryptoCurrency SorachanCoin DriveInfo Wallet [www.junkhdd.com]

□ Usage

As we did static link, we will work with executable file alone.

1, After downloading SorachanCoin-qt.zip, it will be expanded to any folder.
2, Right-click SorachanCoin-qt.exe => You will create a shortcut on the desktop.
3, Right-click the shortcut => Properties => Look at the link destination field.
Add "-datadir = installation destination folder path" after the link destination space, leaving a space.
4, Double-click the shortcut to launch it.
5, For the first time only, it takes a few minutes to synchronize the blockchain. Wait until synchronization is complete.
6, After synchronization is complete, encrypt the wallet. It is in the menu above.
7, Once encrypted, the wallet will close once. It is successful if it starts again and a key mark appears in the lower right.
8, Finally, back up your wallet. Please make sure to do this backup from the menu above!
※ Note: If you have trouble with your wallet, this first-minute backup is very important.

It will be completed only by overwriting SorachanCoin-qt.exe(SorachanCoind).

■ Note:About the case where the wallet is judged as a virus
SorachanCoin wallet DOES NOT contain any code that is detrimental to users of mining programs etc.
However, it is often said that viruses are often judged only by wallets.
In such a case, it will be a false decision, so it would be appreciated if you could exclude the folder storing this wallet.
We will keep in mind to create a secure wallet, so in the future, thank you for your consideration.
※ We have confirmed that there is no problem by the ESET Internet Security (it is not detected as a virus).
※ We have confirmed that there is no problem by the Virus Buster (it is not detected as a virus).