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Last Updated:04-APR-2019 (latest Ver1.2)

■ Windows版 (32ビット/64ビット) ダウンロード [実行ファイル形式]
SSD Heat-Resistant Benchmark Download [Windows 32bit/64bit Binary]

>> SSD Heat-Resistant Benchmark Ver1.2 32bit (こちらです Click here)
>> SSD Heat-Resistant Benchmark Ver1.2 64bit (こちらです Click here)

Look at the disk number from Disk Management and select it from the combobox to start.
Random Generator:mt19937, Xorshift, OpenSSL or Mix
Max Threads:192 threads.
(Even with the NVMe SSD, 33 threads are enough.
In the near future, we are assuming high-speed SSDs that will come out.)

Min Threads:3 threads.
(HDD mode)